Mommie Dearest’s Vehicle Comes To TV


Mildred Pierce was the 1945 movie that not only taught me the expression “dreadfully recherche, n’est-ce pas?”–and which prompted Carol Burnett‘s zingy parody, Mildred Fierce— but which won Joan Crawford the Oscar for playing a sympathetic waitress-turned-entrepreneur wronged by her cunty daughter. (Later on, life didn’t imitate art, it flipped it backwards and spat on it.) Well, our old pal, director Todd Haynes (I’m Not There, Far From Heaven), who recently told me he’d like to do a biopic about Sigmund Freud in which his Freudian slip would be showing, may be producing a TV remake of Mildred Pierce, as the gays and old-timers rejoice. Do I smell another plum role for Julianne Moore? And aren’t we glad he’s not re-doing Trog?