Multiple Muggings in Harlem; Cop Says, Give Up, Move Out


Hey, can we have a Great Depression and the fun-filled 1970s all at the same time? NYC The Blog reports the cops’ old-school reaction to a small Asian man’s mugging in Harlem: “Often they will pick on people who look like they don’t live in the neighborhood,” said one cop, though the vic in this case had lived in Harlem ten years. The officer also mentioned a Harlemite who’d been “mugged three times in one month” and was “so frightened to walk home that he recently asked the police… if they would walk him home, to which the officer responded, ‘we don’t do that,’ and suggested ‘he move out of the neighborhood.'”

No money, no jobs, unhelpful cops seething with resentment toward both skels and citizens — looks like we’re heading into a new Golden Age. Time to start suffering and write that symphony!