Salma Hayek Finally Outdresses Karl Lagerfeld


Fashionindie thinks the German peasant costume Salma Hayek wore on German TV chat show “Wetten Das” was a “fuck-up.” But we did a little research (i.e. Google) and found that Hayek had lost a bet with an audience member requiring her to wear a traditional German dirndl on the show. We don’t know what bet Karl Lagerfeld, r., lost.

(Our source, the Times of India, also informs us that earlier last week the host of another talk show “mistakenly asked [Hayek] if she was a lesbian.” We have brain-farts like that all the time; just ask our human resources department.)

What Would Tyler Durden Do posts more photos, puts it all in perspective: “Oh sure, I masturbated to these, but it was maybe a 7.”