Times: Luxury Boxes Selling OK. (Also Selling on Craigslist.)


A friend was wondering about this: after the Wall Street collapse, would luxury suites at Neo-Yankee Stadium and Citi Field be going fire-sale? Stuff and nonsense, says today’s New York Times: “Don’t expect a stampede for the bleachers just yet.”

A guy from “a weekly newsletter that chronicles the luxury-suite industry” (wow, there’s a phrase tailor-made for any chronicle of our age of greed and avarice) tells the Times, “I’m not hearing anything where people are panicking.” Stadium managements figures say everything’s stable, though one marketer admits “everybody’s taking more of a wait-and-see approach” in light of recent events. The Times also talks to Bruce Ratner about suites in his currently non-existent Brooklyn sports facility; the Ratner-phobic No Land Grab notes this with interest.

Of course some people are sub-leasing luxury box seats at Craigslist, so far on their terms only (“Offers below face value [$115/ticket] will not be replied to”). We’ll see if their price moves in the months ahead. If things get hairy, maybe the Stadia will let us roll in our own keg.