Breakfast With Scot a Funny Adaptation of Michael Downing’s 1999 Novel


Like a diva in training, 11-year-old Scot (Noah Bernett), spells his name with one “t,” wears a feather boa, and isn’t shy about kissing boys at school. None of this amuses his uptight new guardian, Eric (Tom Cavanagh), a professional hockey player turned sportscaster who’s gay but in the closet—despite having lived for years with a lawyer named Sam (Ben Shenkman)—and is the only relative who can take in the newly orphaned Scot. In this often quite funny adaptation of Michael Downing’s 1999 novel, screenwriter Sean Reycraft and director Laurie Lynd move the action from Massachusetts to Canada, and accentuate Eric’s machismo, which gives his discomfort over Scot’s tendency to wear belts with puppy decals an added edge. Cavanagh, best known for the TV show Ed, is terrific—as is young Bernett, who steals the show without hogging it. The odd man out is Shenkman, whose character never gets a bonding scene of his own, and instead is made to stand dutifully by as his partner corners the kid’s love, even during the big let’s-be-a-family finalé. Ignoring one half of the parental unit is a disconcerting misstep in an otherwise sharp little movie.