Fork in the Road Gorging in Red Hook


This is delicious

This week, I check out some of the new and new-ish spots in Red Hook. But don’t worry! This is not yet another ‘Red Hook is About to Be Gentrified!’ story. Actually, I think that Red Hook will always be a little rough and remote, IKEA or no. It’s a neighborhood that stubbornly retains its distinctive, salty character, even as most neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn become more and more homogenous.

Highlights of new eats in Red Hook include Neil Ganic’s La Bouillabaisse. The restaurant is often empty, and the space is decorated in an inexplicably stuffy manner, but the bouillabaisse is really, truly excellent. The bowl is fragrant of garlic, saffron and white wine, and it’s packed with a half a Maine lobster, dozens of mussels, a heap of scallops and pink Gulf shrimp. For $22, it’s one of the best, most fair-priced seafood gorges I’ve ever had.

In the story, I also hit up Annabelle’s, Brooklyn Ice House, Tini and Botanica. And…maybe a quick stop at IKEA. Because I like their meatballs.