Government In Action: Big Spending at DOE, Big Rush with Term Limits


Well whattaya know: the Post reports Bloomberg and his allies are in a hurry to get the term-limits overturn through the CIty Council. “They’re really fast-tracking it because of the mounting opposition,” an unnamed “insider” tells the paper. Also, “one source said that some council members have asked permission to vote no, even though they privately support the bill and fully intend to seek third terms if it’s enacted.”

Well whattaya know, part two: though the Department of Education is supposed to be cutting its budget, Juan Gonzalez of the Daily News finds that the number of educrats working at the DOE has increased by almost 400 percent in less than four years. These people aren’t all correcting tests, either: the DOE is currently seeking new “Knowledge Management Domain Leaders” at annual salaries of $170K. The DOE’s spokesman asserts to Gonzalez that there is a “hiring freeze,” appears confused to learn the DOE is still hiring.