Movie Star Extravaganza!


This is your weekly reminder to click here and get your heaping plate of sick, twisted gossip and nervy opinions. I’m an ass half full kind of guy, so this week my thoughts are rather upbeat as I shmooze a bunch of film stars pushing their wares in our lifted faces. There’s sly Bill Maher, who took me to hell and back while promoting Religulous; adorable Greg Kinnear, who sold me on a pair of intermittent windshield wipers; and talented Sally Hawkins, an award winner for her performance in the new Mike Leigh film, who deserves a whole other honor for granting me a phone interview on her way to surgery! Throw in some Madonna toilet talk, an old John McCain rumor, and a drunken memorial for a club icon, and you’ve got a peppy meal you can’t afford to miss.