You don’t have to own a Klingon suit to be called a sci-fi devotee now that the NY Imagine Science Film Festival is here. As it’s the only film festival in New York that encourages the creative interaction between scientists and filmmakers to produce powerful films that make science accessible to the public, expect to see flicks that spill over with imagination but still hold to credible hard facts. Claustrophobia takes on a new meaning in Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopena’s Fermat’s Room, a story of a mystery host who threatens to close the walls (literally) on four mathematicians unless they solve a problem. If blood is your thing, Jason Todd Ipson’s The First Vampire might have you drained pale with his historical account of the origins of vampirism. And nothing says “science” like Jessica Sharzer’s The Wormhole, an endearing story about a boy who searches for a wormhole to travel back in time to save his family.

Oct. 16-30, 2008