Signs of the Great Depression


Here are some tiny tell-tale signs that the economy is in the crapper:

The oranges on display at B Bar are now wrapped up in netting so no one can take them.

At the longtime gay bar Rawhide, customers are told that each person must buy a drink or leave.

The Russian Tea Room sent out a media alert urging us to buy meals there.

Freelance checks that used to come automatically in the mail now have to be hunted down with threats and weaponry.

Citibank told me that to get a CD you have to start a checking account for $150 or more. I put the minimum in and later found they’d charged me for (unwanted) blank checks sent! Suddenly my checking account had $125 and was going to get charged penalties! I screamed like a banshee bitch and got that changed.

Coat check at Mr. Black is $4 per item. For my $3 sweater! No, wait, here’s an even bigger sign: Mr. Black was just seized by the tax people! Now I’m wandering the streets in a $3 sweater! Wait, here’s an update on the update! Mr. Black’s people say they’re opening their doors tomorrow, business as usual! The depression is ovah!