Alleged Hawaiian Tropic Rapist Was 9/11 Hero for Getting Married


The Daily News says that the general manager/alleged rapist at the center of the Hawaiian Tropic Zone lawsuit is also “the groom who captured a grieving nation’s heart by getting married in the wake of 9/11.”

Anthony Rakis, who is alleged to have raped a Zone employee in a cab, among other offenses, was depicted at the time of his heroic nuptials as “an old-fashioned romantic who wooed his wife with roses and poetry” around whom “New Yorkers rallied,” though we can’t say as we recall this.

Supervisors at the restaurant are accused of groping and harassing the staff. The five plaintiffs seek $600 million in damages.

The New York Post reports that the Zone — where we have often glimpsed, through the giant curtained windows, waitresses in bikinis and many empty tables — ran a “lurid ‘sex dorm,'” in the “discounted rooms” of which Zone managment visited the “beauty-pageant winners” who worked there and screwed them, leaving one pregnant.