Eminem’s Mother Reveals She’s Not Kim Basinger!


In her new book, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, Debbie Nelson says the portrayal of Em’s mama in the movie 8 Mile was as fictional as Slim Shady.

Writes Debs, “The Basinger character comes on to her own son and his friends. That is just sick. She’s addicted to alcohol and bingo, her trailer is an absolute pigsty. Now I don’t drink. And I’m compulsive when it comes to keeping my house clean…Marshall and I only once briefly had a home in Detroit just off 8 Mile…”

All right already, all right already. So it’s not you, OK, oh spotlessly pulled together grand dame? And the mother in Postcards From the Edge is not Debbie Reynolds either! And the woman in The Queen is not Queen Elizabeth! (Actually, it’s not. They made her way nicer.)