Governor “Liveblogs,” Delivering Non-Answers at Internet Speed


Governor Paterson liveblogged for a while at the Albany Project today — actually, we’d describe it more as livecommenting, with the Guv dropping his answers into a thread. He rated the Democrats’ chances of taking over the State Senate at 8 out of 10; sort of apologized for cutting the SUNY budget (while insisting that “SUNY will continue to offer a top-quality education”); defended the bailout as “[putting] the fire out in the barn,” but endorsed greater “oversight” over the disbursed funds; was “hopeful” about avoiding taxes but suggested the “wealthiest New Yorkers” may have to help with “deficit reduction”; and admitted “the Mets bullpen needs some serious work.”

We’ve heard more than once that the internet is going to transform politics, but it will take more than blogging technology to transform politicians.