NY’s Rightwing Papers Work GOP’s Anti-Obama Angles


New York’s remaining rightwing dailies are doing their part to spread the Republican Party’s dangerous-radical-Obama message. A New York Post reporter journeys to Cleveland for an “exclusive” report on two Ohioans who claim they were inveighed to register multiple times by ACORN, the affordable-housing group, current conservative bete noir and, as a related Post editorial calls them, “Barack Obama’s favorite ‘community organizers'” and “a group with which Barack Obama has proudly been associated.”

The Wall Street Journal runs op-eds by Karl Rove, who says the increasing Obama lead is meaningless and that “voters haven’t shaken deep concerns about his lack of qualifications,” and Dorothy Rabinowitz, who brings up Bill Ayers only to insist that the real issue in the closing days of the campaign is… Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And, of course, the “media,” from which organizations like the Post and the Journal are presumably exempt.