The Second Worst Kind of Friend


You know the type. He meets you at the theater, but he’s too busy gabbing away on his iPhone to give you more than a sideways kiss hello. He finally has to turn the phone off when the lights start dimming, and though he’s about to say something to you, the show starts, so he can’t. Act One plays out. He’s straining to see his texts in the dark and swirling his finger around on his phone like crazy. Intermission hits. It’s your chance to spend 15 whole minutes together–except that he’s all tied up reading those texts and emails and frantically answering them, so he doesn’t respond to anything you say. Act Two starts. More straining. More swirling. Show over. He immediately turns his phone back on and makes a call about where he’s meeting his next friend.

Great spending time with you, pal! Text me real soon and we’ll do it again!