Cool Subway Art Project a Bedbug Hazard


In Trendsetter’s “25 Subway Innovations,” on which we posted yesterday, the Take a Seat initiative was mentioned. The idea is “rescuing perfectly functional old chairs from trash piles and placing them on subway platforms for tired travelers to make use of.”

Our old friends at Bedbugger see a problem. They point to the TaS founder’s map “showing where people have placed these chairs so far, and they include some of the most bedbug-infested areas of Brooklyn and Queens, as well as many Manhattan stations.”

There’s a lot of street furniture out there — not the shiny new MTA kind — and some of it’s got bedbugs. This summer newyorkshitty noticed something we’d also noticed: clearly labeled, bedbug-infested furniture hauled off by persons unknown. They could have taken it anywhere. Maybe to the G train platform?

We’re in sympathy with Take a Seat’s mission — “Rescued chairs – once liabilities – become assets with little to no effort” — but we worry that he, like many lofty thinkers, may not have thought it through. He seems bright, so maybe he can get a corporate sponsor to provide spot checks, or portable fumigation chambers.