For 3rd Term, Bloomberg Will Face Ethics Charges, Spend $80-100 Million (or More!)


A Quinnipiac poll says most New Yorkers approve of Mayor Bloomberg’s term limits overthrow, but that isn’t stopping Common Cause and NYPIRG from filing a complaint with the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board, charging that Bloomberg violated Section 2604(b)(2) of the conflicts code (the part “prohibiting certain conduct that conflicts with the proper discharge of a public servant’s official duties”) when he offered Ron Lauder a seat on the charter commission in exchange for his support.

Since the Mayor pulled this off in broad daylight, it is expected that he will escape prosecution.

Also, the New York Times reports that Bloomberg plans to spend “$80 million or more” to get reelected, with a quarter of that devoted to attacking undeterred mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Another of the Times‘ unnamed sources says the Mayor would spend $100 million, and another says he has “no intention of limiting his spending,” having more money than can you or we can conceive of.

Bloomberg spent $74 million to beat Mark Green in 2001 and $84 million to beat Fernando Ferrer in 2005, the Times reports. Submit, puny earthlings.