Homo-Haters Grumble as Conn. Gets Gay Marriage


Be nice to your conservative friends (or, if you don’t have any conservative friends, your conservative boss or banker) — this has been a horrible week for them. First the crash, then Obama’s growing lead, then they lost a Buckley, and now gay marriage in Connecticut. The state supreme court has overruled a lower-court decision that had held civil unions were good enough for gay people, and now Nutmeg Staters can just haul off and gay-marry each other whenever they feel like it.

Marriage-equality opponents portray themselves as victims of evil activist judges. “This is about our right to govern ourselves,” says the Family Institute of Connecticut; “Ct. Court Rules against marriage,” cries a National Review editor; “the institution is changed forever, without the consent of the governed,” says Jesus freak Rod Dreher. But Allahpundit thinks it’s “good for McCain” because 1.) it’ll warn everybody Obama wants to make them get gay-married to Bill Ayers and 2.) something’s gotta be good for McCain, right?