John Travolta Stepped Here: Dance Floor On The Move!


Is it possible to own a floor? I don’t know, but producer Vito Bruno (above) has somehow gotten ahold of one, and it happens to be the original dance floor from Saturday Night Fever. And Bruno has big plans for the floor, which was the original one from Brooklyn’s 2001 Odyssey club, site of the film that immortalized polyester leisure suits, girly-voiced male singers, and future Scientologists. He wants to bring it to a casino in either Atlantic City or Las Vegas and I guess let it do some gambling and see some shows.

According to a release, “Bruno, who was a promoter at the legendary club, bought the floor after a contentious battle with the original club owners several years back, and is in talks currently with casino in both locations.” Did you understand one word of this post? No? Well, neither did I! Let’s shut up and dance!