KRS-One: These Kids Today!


Local old-schooler KRS-One delivered, in his positive fashion, a verbal beatdown on the younger generation to Real Talk NY. K told Joy Daily that the difference between his boys and the new school is that the kids “have more money,” adding, “you cannot be rich and continue to produce raw hip-hop,” which would seem to leave out many chart-topping, body-sculpted stars. Asked what the musical difference is, the BDP vet said his crew had “art, creativity, genuineness, authenticity,” while “the youth today, the majority, are not seeking authenticity,” because “the society in which they live doesn’t ask them to be authentic, it asks them to be other people.” Whereupon, off-screen, the new jacks all bellowed, threw imaginary gang signs, and humiliated some poor girl. Oh, for the days of the Funky 4+1, when people respected golden voices and hearts of steel.