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Orfeh With a Bullet!


Orfeh, the majorly talented Paulette from Broadway’s Legally Blonde (which is closing next week) and a Broadway staple, has a new CD out called What Do You Want From Me. What I wanted from her were the answers to a little pop quiz concocted expressly for her Tony-nominated self.

Q:: Hi, Orfeh! Congrats on the CD. Are you a pop songbird at heart more than a Broadway diva?

Orfeh: (laughs) Well, if I’m being completely honest, that would be a big YES!

Q: OK, then, will you top Rihanna on the charts?

Orfeh: I don’t know that anyone’s topping Rihanna on the charts these days, but I will be so bold as to say if I had her machine behind me, it might be a closer race!

Q: I want that machine too! You’ve certainly scored in Legally Blonde. What was the weirdest reaction from an audience member?

Orfeh: That’s such a long answer and there are about 200 different stories. How about I give you the most disgusting? Not too long ago, a little girl puked all over her row and the entire row had to be cleared and cleaned during the show. How’s that for a reaction?

Q: That happened to me during Equus. How did you feel about the Legally Blonde reality show?

Orfeh: I didn’t really have time to watch it and get involved in all the reality drama. Andy [hubby Andy Karl] and I were both on the show, in separate episodes, but I’m happy it happened because Bailey Hanks [the winner] and I have become very close friends and it was an instant connection.

Q: And finally, the most urgent query of all: Why no question mark after “What Do You Want From Me”?

Orfeh: Many reasons. It’s more of a statement than a question. I also didn’t think it was a good visual to have a question mark on the CD cover.

Q:: You are so right! Punctuation should never get in the way of a stylish look. Love ya!!!