Rocknrolla’s Gerard Butler Was Once A Sexy Bloodsucker in Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000


Not to get all Andy Rooney on our readers, but have you ever seen a movie so forgettable that you literally forgot you’d seen it? It was only after several minutes of watching MyTV Network’s broadcast last night of Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000 that I realized I’d actually seen the film during its original theatrical run. Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000 stars Gerard Butler (the lead goodfella of Guy Ritchie’s latest, Rocknrolla) as the eponymous sexy bloodsucker, and Christopher Plummer as his stake-driving nemesis, Van Helsing. Set in London and then New Orleans, the movie is a pre-Katrina/post-Anne Rice look at Louisiana’s undead, a niche that’s probably better served by HBO’s new series, True Blood. Even as measured against other shamelessly titled exploitation movies, Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000 is no John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998).—Benjamin Strong