Week in Review: Obsession Edition


In the week that we discovered New York has a local music scene by way of Sarah Palin’s new favorite band Department of Eagles, to say nothing of the local charm of a new Japanther cover of an old Oregon folk song, we also found time to slag said scene: CMJ, you are no POP Montreal.

There may or may not be a pornographic conspiracy at the heart of modern pop music; there definitely is, however, an iTunes conspiracy.

Plus, creepy stalker behavior: Vivian Girls, Wedding Present, Mountain Goats, M.I.A., Lambchop— it’s platonic, we swear.

Angelina Jolie is a terrible actress, Che, Sex and the City, and Afterschool are terrible movies, and Guillermo del Toro is apparently too ugly to be photographed at the New Yorker festival.

Plus, Camille got a job as a stocking clerk at Banksy’s new pop-up store, Bones liked Chris Johanson’s show at Deitch Projects, and Richard Gehr extracts an amazing quote from comic-book artist Lynda Barry: “I think the only art left for us is slowly peeling a label off a beer bottle while somebody tells you about a dream they had.” A/K/A your swiftly oncoming weekend!