NY Wine and Food Fest: Meatpacking Uncorked Recap


Here you have pictures of Meatpacking Uncorked, one of the New York Wine and Food Festival’s events on Friday night.

Basically, for $40, you got your wristband, and then wandered around the Meatpacking, where the fancy shmancy shops were open late and pouring tastes of wine.

There was something sort of strange about shuffling past $3,000 lingerie at La Perla to get your sip of Coppola Chardonnay. It was kind of fun to wander around Moschino, looking at fluffy blue jackets and gold stilettos while sipping Mionetto Prosecco and listening to Michael Jackson.

I noticed a higher percentage of older folks at Design Within Reach, where you could rest on a midcentury modern couch while drinking your Malbec, while the beautiful, giraffe-like people clopped down the cobblestones outside.

In the end, a relatively fun way to start an evening, but not one of the festival’s best events The wines being poured were mostly tasty but unremarkable. I can think of better wine-related ways to spend $40.