Philly Rocks: Sarah Palin Booed by Flyers Fans


Of course we’re rooting for the Phillies. Philadelphia rocks. They’re way harder than us, as can be seen in this classic Mithras address to freshmen at Drexel and Penn, and by the Flyers game moment shown above, where “the best known hockey mom in the United States” is led onto the ice at the Wachovia Center on Saturday for a ceremonial puck-drop and receives a less than respectful crowd response. It was such an embarrassment that the Flyers’ website totally cut the crowd sound out of its official video. If they tried this shit at the Garden Bloomberg would probably send a battalion of cops into the stands to enforce decorum and make the fans sing “God Bless America.” Goddamn, how’d we lose so bad to Philly? Oh well, the New Depression may toughen us up some.