Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Joey & Rory’s “Cheater, Cheater”


Last week’s prediction: blessed silence?

So I initially interpreted this week’s iTunes promotional copy as an insult to the very act whose song they were giving away: This husband-and-wife duo didn’t quite win the crown on Can You Duet, but they instantly won us over with “Cheater, Cheater.” Wherein I read Can You Duet as an album title, rather than the name of a CMT-aired reality TV show, and “didn’t quite win the crown” as an uncharacteristically music-writery slight to the album in question, rather than an acknowledgment that Joey & Rory came in third on Can You Duet, not first.

As yet, there is no actual album: “Cheater, Cheater,” in true Nashville fashion, was first trotted out as a single for a different Tennessee duo, Bomshel, who couldn’t quite make it happen, possibly due to their terrible name. Joey & Rory’s aptly named The Life of a Song, which repurposes Bomshel’s wayward single, is due at month’s end. This particular cheating-related song is presumably an attempt to slipstream in behind every other infidelity-related country song, ever; in the video, the other woman is revealed, and her name is Naomi Judd!

Also note the way the camera compulsively, pyrotechnically even, avoids Rory for Joey, Joey being the pretty lady’s name:

Next week’s prediction: About time for one of those winsome, short-haired female trip-hop devotees…

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