Become a Patron of the Arts: Host the Kim’s Video Collection


Long-lived, beloved East Village video vendor Kim’s is closing its rental section, which Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, like any sensible person or website, thinks a shame (“Where else are movies arranged according to categories like JUVENILE DELINQUENT?”). But Jeremiah reports that Kim’s has made a public offer in the philanthropic manner of Carnegie and Morgan: if you have “3,000 sq. ft. of space” and a “commitment to give access to Kim’s members [charging minimum membership fee] and maintaining the collection,” you can be the Keeper of the Kim’s, so to speak, and achieve the admiration of grateful film nerds not already fulfilled by BitTorrent and private collections. Surely some young Communications major whose parents bought him a giant condo would enjoy this garnish of cred on his slackerdom.