Faye Dunaway Still Full of Piss and Vinegar


Oscar winner Faye Dunaway–who delighted a whole generation of sick gays by beating a girl with a wire hanger in Mommie Dearest–is back to her old tricks. In this UK interview, the luminous star of Chinatown and Bonnie and Clyde is perfectly composed while addressing various aspects of her illustrious career. But when the interviewer dares to ask if it’s true that voracious Faye once threw a cup of urine at director Roman Polanski, she suddenly turns into…well, Faye Dunaway. She gets all defensive, hurt, and vicious, and summarily tosses the guy out the door like a cup of urine (though she doesn’t beat him with a hanger). And so, once again, in reacting to her fear of bad press, Faye manages to create some.

The interview is a week old, but I just couldn’t let it slip through the crack vial. Enjoy! It’s a pisser.