Ongoing: Fucked Up at the Rogan Store, Hour One


The scene, moments before all insanity breaks loose.

Fucked Up
Rogan Store
October 14-October 15
Photos by Rebecca Smeyne

It’s hour one here at Fucked Up’s 12-hour stand at the Bowery Lane Theatre, er, the Rogan Store, and SOTC is on swarm. Soon to come: Vivian Girls, Gods & Queens, and some ridiculous other individuals we’re not yet allowed to mention but might happen to be in certain iconic college-rock bands, past and present…

“This may be the best moment in Fucked Up, or the dumbest moment in Fucked Up.”

That represents about a third of the entire available space in the store–words cannot describe how vile with sweat and odor this place will be by midnight.

The shirt came off by the second song; two songs later, Pink Eyes was on the floor. No idea what state dude is in now.

Note the absurdly long setlist: 35 Fucked Up songs, counting the 45-minute “Year of the Pig,” plus covers–including, already, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

It took all of no time at all for a moshpit to break out…there is, so far, nothing comfortable at all about this show. It’s quite savage.

And when the kids start moving, there’s nowhere to hide.

I can only imagine how destroyed this man’s face will be by 2am.

Yes, already. Note the intraband confusion.

Yes! Chain of Strength t-shirt! Also seen: Melt Banana, From Ashes Rise…presumable firsts in the hallowed Rogan confines.

Quote: “This is going to be the best slash worst slash most entertaining Fucked Up show ever.” 10 hours to go. Watch out for the Colt 45 spray.