The Jealous Sound’s Got Friends EP Is Out Today


The Jealous Sound—one of the last sorta surviving emo bands of the era when the current version of that star-crossed genre was born—today release their final, posthumous EP. Born as Knapsack, in sunny 1993 California, Jealous Sound came to life in 2000, after frontman Blair Shehan broke up his old act in order to. . .well, reasons were unclear. It didn’t much matter: both bands were essentially a showcase for Shehan, who had the genre’s quiet/loud, makeups-to-breakups sincerity-wail dialed way before the next man.

By all accounts, the Jealous Sound broke up in 2005, while trying to follow up on their debut LP, Kill Them With Kindness. These three songs—and two remixes—are reported to be spares from those sessions, the last shreds of material recorded before Shehan went crazy and more or less disappeared (immortal YouTube comment recently appended to the “Fold Out” video: “i always wondered what blair looked like! he’s my bfs uncle that i havent gotten to meet yet!”). “Got Friends,” the title track that’s been lurking around for a month or so, is a gem; time will tell with the other two. Of the remixes, the less that’s said, probably, the better.

But if nothing else $3.99 over at iTunes will buy you a nostalgic afternoon. Start here, then move forward: