AIG Junkets Stir Regulatory Wrath of Andrew Cuomo


Remember how mad people got about AIG’s lavish post-bailout employee retreats? The failed insurer got a bit of an official tongue-lashing over its poorly-timed executive boondoggles in the U.S. Senate. But now AIG’s got someone tougher than those wimps to worry about: Andrew “Steamroller” Cuomo is looking into it, says the Lower Hudson Journal News, and you know there’s nothing our AG loves more than a good meddle. “If the [AIG] Board fails” to cut the crap, says Cuomo, “we will do so pursuant to the fraudulent conveyance laws of New York.” Maybe he’ll even do a white-collar perp walk like Giuliani did in the Milken-Boesky days. The impoverished, howling mob loves those things!