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Best Fishing Hole (in the Wall)


Were sure there are plenty of nice spots around the city to while away the hours with a fishing rod in hand. But if its the elusive Guinness fish youre after, look no further than Red Hook Bait and Tackle, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn. Formerly a bait-and-tackle shop, this dimly lit watering holedecorated with antique harpoons, glowing bobbers, and an impressive taxidermy collectionreels in a regular crowd of artists and hipsters from the waterfront nabe with its two-for-one drink specials (daily from 5 to 8 p.m.) and excellent jukebox, ranging in songs from Pavement to Nick Drake. While we cant promise you any fishing, you can shoot all the forest creatures you like on Buck Hunter. And if you really just have to have fish, yes, they have that, tooif Goldfish crackers count.