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Best Flowers in Manhattan You Can?t Buy


If youve been to the Cloisters, the Mets reconstructed monastery, you probably couldnt resist a walk through the gardens of Fort Tryon Park. The 67-acre public park has thousands of blossoms bursting into Technicolor glory each springsunflowers, snapdragons, tulips, roses, irises, hydrangeas, begonias, azaleas. There are, in fact, more than 500 varieties of plants growing on this historic Revolutionary War battleground. The most impressive array of blooms is found in the Heather Garden, which sits on a natural plateau overlooking the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. The Heather Garden was among the first portions of the park to be restored when volunteers reclaimed it from drug dealers and junkies in the late 80s, and no traces of those bad old days remain. Now, the park is a maze of winding trails, wooded areas, and fragrant blooms. And when the flowers start dying in the fall, parkgoers still have something to look forward to: the annual Medieval Festival. Who needs flowers if theres a sword fight to enjoy, right?