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Best Gym Workout Without Having To Be Under the Scrutiny of Trainers, Buff Guys, or Yogis


Some people hate clubbing, and its not only because New York City clubs are kind of B&T. Some people hate it because of sweat. Theyre embarrassed about the pit stains that form on their tight poly-blend club clothes after only a few minutes on the dance floorgyrating in a steamy club while fending off beefy goombahs is a workout, after all. While burning calories is always a plus, wouldnt it be nice to dance them away while wearing something a little more breathable than a skin-tight gold lam halter top? At the Dance Dance Party Party, you can finally move to the rhythm of the night and let the sweat flow freely into your Lycra gym shorts. This women-only workout group provides a request-friendly iPod playlist for one hour of nonstop freestyle dancing. Its the only gym class where you are guaranteed not to be made to feel self-conscious by the ever-scrutinizing (or so we imagine) buff bench-pressers, annoying trainers, or ridiculously flexible downward doggies. And better yet, its the only dance club without the goombahs.