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Brett who? The best Jet football player is almost sure not to rush for a yard, throw a pass, score a touchdown, or maybe even not make a tackle. In the off-season, the Jets netted one of the prize free agents in six-foot-five, 307-pound guard Alan Faneca. The seven-time All-Pro came at a price tag of $32 million over four years. In his 11th year in the league, Faneca, 31, should add some veteran leadership to a Gang Green line that features two talented youngsters: tackle DBrickashaw Ferguson and center Nick Mangold. While at Pittsburgh, Faneca was an outspoken co-captain most famously known for his reaction in 2005 when a then-rookie QB by the name of Ben Roethlisberger replaced veteran journeyman signal-caller Tommy Maddux, who went down with an injury. Exciting? Faneca replied in disbelief when asked about Roethlisberger replacing Maddux. No, its not exciting. Do you want to go work with some little young kid whos just out of college? Since then, Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to the Super Bowl and was selected as an All-Pro himself, so Faneca may have been a bit premature about that assessmentbut at least we know he appreciates experience. And this year, hell be blocking for Methuselah.