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Steve Lewis knows everyone. For more than 20 years, the nightlife giant has brought his after-hours expertise to promoting, designing, and running clubs, and in February, he expanded his kingdom to include a blogging partnership with JoonBug. The results at Good Night, Mr. Lewis are kind of hysterical. He loves to share his stories, and we like reading them almost as muchparticularly from the category What Happened Then: Documenting the History of New York Nightlife. (Sample: . . . a drug crazed Michael [Alig] approached me as I looked down at The Limelights feverish dance floor . . . Michael: Hey, can I borrow your car? Me: My car? What for? Michael: I just killed Angel and I need your car to get rid of the body. ) The minor feud between rival nightlife blogs Guest of a Guest (Rachelle Hruska) and Down by the Hipster (Scott Solish) is good fun, too, but it doesnt hold a candle to the fabulous dish from Mr. Lewis.