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Best Park With a View


The most common rationalization of an outer-borough dweller is: If I lived in Manhattan, I wouldnt get this amazing view! And so we move farther and farther east and north, stretch out on rooftops and terraces that we wouldnt be able to afford in Manhattan, and gaze upon the landmarks of an increasingly unaffordable city. Astorians are particularly guilty of the amazing view dodge, but with good reason: The 65-acre Astoria Park comes equipped not only with baseball diamonds, tennis courts, a track, trails, a bandstand, and an Olympic-size swimming pool, but with stunning views of midtown to boot. The pool really is the special attraction of the park, though: Built in 1936 to hold the Olympic diving and swimming trials, its actually not grossfor a public bathtub. And floating in the shadows of the Triborough Bridge can be pretty rad. Sour grapes? We think not.