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Best Place To Get Some Space


Williamsburg: land of (attractive) human gridlock. From the L train to Bedford Avenue and then to your three-bedroom, five-roommate apartment (not counting your unofficial official houseguest), your body never has any personal space. Instead of opting for a day trip to Central Park or the bus route to Prospect Park, theres a little bit of green space with a beautiful view a couple of blocks away (and were not talking about McCarren Park). Sandwiched between condo construction on Kent Avenue and the end of North 8th Street is a piece of waterfront land with no name. Well, some people call it The Edge or NOWA (for Northside Williamsburg waterfront). Weve never heard it being referred to by its official namethe Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Site Reclamation (BEDT) or what was once Palmers Docks (18701983), which later reopened in 2001 after it was bought under a proposal by former Governor Pataki. Here, wed like to think of it as a place to gather ones thoughts, have a quiet picnic overlooking the Williamsburg Bridge and the Empire State Building, lay out and get some color, breathe in air (without inhaling a leftover exhale), or simply just get away from annoying roommates. And dont worry about stepping on poopno pets allowed!