Best Place to Walk on Glass


Coney Island has long been NYCs go-to spot for sideshows and freak showssword swallowers, fire eaters, people straightening out their deviated septums by pounding nails up their nostrils. Such exotic thrills, though, need not be limited to the tattooed performersindeed, anyone can practice daredevilry at Coney Island. How? By walking barefoot on broken glass. Where? Why, on the very beach itself! Coney Islands not exactly pristine sand is composed of a startling amount of broken bottle glass, the fractured pieces glinting under the unprotected feet of the sweating, sunbathing masses, the remnants of a hundred years of shattered Coca-Colas and Schaeffers and Grape Nehis. So kick off your flip-flops and stride across it, brave bohemians!