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Best Video Artist Based in a Bar


If you happen to wander into a cozy bar in Prospect Heights called Freddies, one of the first things youll notice are the small screens along the wall displaying a series of bizarre images. Even if you venture into the adjacent music area, youre still greeted by these extended video collages. By then, youve found the work of Donald OFinn. His bar tapes can run for two hoursculled from obscure horror and sci-fi movies, commercials, and found footage; snatched with VCRs and Tivo; and processed through video switchers and effects mixers. In raw form, this hilarious, psychedelic mix of consumer culture and lo-fi kitsch appear on his TV Dreams cable show, while some of the material is also honed down to a few minutes for his art pieces, which have found their way into Anthology Film Archives, Galapagos Art Space, and D.C.s Hirschon Museum of Art.