Debate 3: An Interview with Joe the Plumber


We are watching the aftermath of tonight’s debate, and have to ask: are you kidding? Pitting Mike Murphy against Harold Ford on MSNBC may make non-viewers think McCain held his own, but come on: the real winner was Joe the Plumber.

We had the opportunity to interview Joe the Plumber after the debate — not Joe Wurzelbacher, who is obviously in the tank, but some guy named Joe who happened to be drinking with us, and he made his position plain:

JOE: What are you, shitting me? Look, I don’t know who Joe Wurzelbacher is, he sounds like an alright guy, but like I believe either of these guys won’t raise my taxes given half a chance. And I gotta say, the colored guy was right, most plumbers don’t make a quarter mil a year. In KC they pull guys in saying they can make 100 grand. If they hustle, if they push copper on the yuppies, then sure they can do better. But most plumbers only do as good as the housing market. And the housing market is shit right now. Who’s gonna turn that around? The Republicans? Come the fuck on.

And McCain said Obama is going to “spread the wealth around.” I’m all for that. People have to build houses or renovate them, or else I don’t make money. With the market the way it is, where do I get a job? So sure, spread the wealth — the more people have money, the better I do.

And McCain says Obama is gonna make me pay a fine if I don’t give them gold-plated health insurance — I gotta be honest with you: when I’m on a job, I bring my own guys, but most of the guys on the job are Mexicans. When they get hurt, I don’t know who they are, and their health care is the emergency room. Now we got less Mexicans, and that may be good for the country or whatever, but it makes it hard to get the walls up. So if I can get a gig, and I have to pay more for insurance, sure I don’t like it, but I can take some of it off in taxes. If there’s no house, I don’t get a gig, and I get shit.

God bless McCain, he was a POW and whatever, but where’s the money? I voted Republican for years because they brought the money. This year, not so much. My kids are for Obama. God rest my parents, they wouldn’t stand for it, but if Obama wins it won’t break my heart.