Gay Talese, Not Exactly a Fan of ‘M.I.A. and the N.E.R.D.S’


Credit: David Shankbone

Legendary journalist and fashion icon Gay Talese weighs in this week on Diesel’s recent weekend concert hysteria, writing, in part:

I asked a lot of these people on line questions like that; and all they said, in essence, is that the $50 jeans were bargains they could not resist. The security guard told me that these jeans (Italian made) usually sell for one-hundred or two-hundred more. Still, I thought, must these people on line spend fifty-bucks on something they can do without? Apparently not. Moreover, they told me, they’ll also get for their fifty bucks not only a pair of jeans, but also a free pass to tomorrow’s concert somewhere in Brooklyn where the featured performers include M.I.A. and the N.E.R.D.S or whoever…(people I know next to nothing about, but my forty-year-old son-in-law told me these performers are “huge.”)

No words for how awesome this is, and note that, with typical, casual precision, Talese actually nails almost verbatim the names of the two relevant bands. Daily Beast, there’s life in you yet…