Get Yourself Lego-Sculpted for the Pre-Depression Price of $60,000


Maybe when this stock market crash shakes out, you’ll find yourself one of the lucky ones, or at least in the mood for a big spending spree before you blow your brains out. Here’s a splurge that screams “ironic self-awareness” as loudly as it screams “rich pig.” From Disinfo we learn of artist Nathan Sawaya’s life-size Lego replicas, which you can commission for just $60,000. Apply via Neiman Marcus. If you want to give a homeboy the business instead, try Sean Kenney — you may recall him as the guy who made a little Yankee Stadium out of Legos; he takes commissions, too. You know how documentaries used to portray the excesses that led to the last Depression with images of flappers and flagpole sitters? We think this time around they should use images of guys building statues of investment bankers out of Legos. That and Fergie.