Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie


Straight outta the woolly nethers of Portsmouth, Ohio, comes Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, Jay Delaney’s infiltration of a two-man league of Appalachian folklore, faith, and depression. “I’m a loser. I’m a complete failure. I never amounted to anything and I never will,” says Wayne, a rumble-voiced Midwesterner and unlikely drama queen who clings to his Bigfoot “research” for godforsaken life. Wayne’s partner is the slightly more stable Dallas, a half-cocked straight shooter who claims he has sheep DNA and, perhaps not coincidentally, has cultivated a gibbering sasquatch call to lure the beast from the brush. The two run a website filled with look-hard-and-you’ll-still-miss-it photos taken over months in the woods, where they cultivate their own language, mythology, and abject devotion. Delaney chronicles the brief rift that results after Wayne inadvertently discredits their work on a local radio show. “I really dread being a person; I’d rather be one of them,” a Bigfoot conference attendee says, chopping to the heart of not only why people see hairy men in the woods but pretty much every belief system going. The men reveal their desperation in some cruelly intimate moments and walk the fine line of foolishness during a moonlit, pseudo-Wiccan sortie, but Delaney is clearly at pains to protect his subjects, and the sheer, doomed tenacity of belief against all odds takes the day.