The Brief Return of Hannah Upp


Last season’s, or even last week’s, damsels in distress usually fade quickly from public memory, but a few of you may yet recall Hannah Upp, the white Harlem teacher who this summer disappeared, then was observed checking email in Apple Stores, and finally jumped into New York Harbor, out of which she was pulled by rescuers. (She later told her Facebook page that she was suffering from “dissociative fugue,” though an expert told the Daily News that he doubted that.)

Today Upp makes a return appearance in the Staten Island Advance as a surprise guest at a Community Board 1 meeting in Staten Island. The meeting honored three ferry workers who had pulled Upp from the water. The troubled young woman wasn’t expected, but she was seen “smiling gracefully, speaking softly and shying from the spotlight,” saying only she was grateful and recovering.

We sincerely hope this is the last footnote we need to put on this story, unless she wins a prize or something.