Who Does She Think She Is? Documents the Everywoman Home/Work Struggle


Pamela Boll’s documentary—about five women who heeded their instinctual desire to make art over the fears and protests of their families—is also a call to arms: Rise up, ladies, with those chisels and paintbrushes and pens! Varied in birthplaces and backgrounds, these woman all grapple with the same dilemmas: how to nurture others (husbands, children) without destroying the best part of themselves (otherwise known as: I’d rather be in the studio than the kitchen). The film could have been about any woman’s home/work struggle—it arrives in theaters a week after the publication of a study that shows schools are loath to acknowledge and promote women with mathematic proficiency—but by limiting herself to an actor, a painter, sculptors, and a printmaker, Boll gives herself plenty to work with; when the stories drag, and they occasionally do, the art’s there to inspire and uplift.