Belly Laughs in the Eisenhower Era


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September 15, 1960, Vol. V, No. 47

Button, Button

Dear Sir:

A few weeks ago you published a letter suggesting that we change the Beat Generation into the Beet Generation as part of our contribution to the National Effort. Being a good little Patriot, and not to be outdone, might I make another suggestion?

What with the increasing militarism in the United States, and the vast storehouse of creative minds in the Village, how about converting the Village into a Center for Navel Research? We could devote whole blocks to individual divisions for Navel Forces, Navel Intelligence, Navel Operations, Navel Instrumentation, Navel Development, Navel Communications, Navel Engineering, Internavel Relations, Navel Power, Navel Analysis, Navel Propulsion, Navel Observation, etc., etc. Our motto would be: “Think!”

We might even succeed in making thinking respectable again. — Norman Edward Kowal, Duke University

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