Danny Meyer: Dreaming of Sarah Palin and Curried Moose


Danny Meyer has been on our minds lately, as the uptown Shake Shack gets closer and closer to opening. The latest official word is that it will open sometime in the next week and a half, and that they’re just waiting for final permits.

We caught up with Meyer and ask him our patented, Barbara Walters-esque Four Questions Not About Food.

What was the last book you read and did you enjoy it?

The Man Who Ate the World by Jay Rayner. Well written and wry, but I found it completely depressing, beginning with the premise that there is in fact a “perfect” meal to be had somewhere in the world – if only one is intrepid, hungry, affluent, and smart enough to hunt for it. Sort of ruins the notion of a spontaneous Friday night date.

What animal would you like to be reincarnated as and why?

Panther. Powerful, quick, smart, lithe, beautiful, hungry.

Choose a superpower.


What did you dream about last night?

Sarah Palin had been elected chair of the school auction committee and I was a volunteer. I was trying to convince people that an auction item featuring a day of moose-hunting with Palin would sell for a lot more if it were followed by a feast of moose cooked by Tabla’s Chef Floyd Cardoz. She thought the day of hunting with her would stand better on its own. I argued that New Yorkers were food people, and that Floyd’s Curried Moose could sell for a lot of money. I then told her that last year we had a very successful live auction item where Floyd had cooked birds shot by Dick Cheney. I never got a response because then I woke up.