I Knew M.I.A. Was Pregnant Before You


SOTC roots for the home team. So does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

Rebecca Smeyne’s photo from the Diesel party.

Hey, so M.I.A. is preggers? Strangely, it was noted here last week first, prior to the photo evidence people apparently need to validate wild, gossipy claims. These guys believed. Luckily, the New York Diesel XXX Party happened, so people finally talked about it. And talked about it some more. Still, some even needed actual confirmation from the source.

Unsurprisingly, a number of big and small New York bands have marched out in support of Barack Obama. (On a similar tangent, plenty are telling McCain to leave their songs alone.) Beastie Boys launched a Get Out and Vote tour, last week saw the Barack Rock show at the Music Hall with Fiery Furnaces and Eugene Mirman among many, many others, while Vampire Weekend landed in town with a pricey benefit show co-headlined by the CS&N. On the VW tangent, Ezra Koenig showed up and sang three for the Fucked Up marathon, an act which apparently acted as a salve for some of the haterz here at the Voice.

The Vivian Girls also popped up at the Fucked Up promotional event (and on the album being promoted by said event), though they did not hype their own eponymous release quite as much, which came out on vinyl this week as well. Also, they are Rob Harvilla’s new favorite local band.

While Animal Collective put out the People EP last year, they’ve just recently announced their first LP since Strawberry Jam. They’re going to call it Merriweather, which sort of sounds like the name of the person who would be scraping her strawberry jam onto a well-toasted scone. Also, Panda Bear recently remixed the Notwist.

Poor Queen Latifah. Badgered on her sexuality, she came off as definitely gay a firm believer in privacy. So what? The Secret Life of Bees also opened, and apparently it sucks. At least Scissor Sisters suck too, seeing as they sucked a little of the air out of this dismal wind tunnel of a week for Queen Latifah by testing new material at Mercury Lounge for a night under the moniker Queef Latinah. (The other night? Debbie’s Hairy.)


In normal circumstances, one might be excited by that free Crystal Stilts, Chairlift and Violens show last Saturday. But there are about 3,000 of them in the coming week. You’ve already been RSVP’d to some, like the late night Stereogum show on Tuesday at the freshly unveiled Studio. That venue will host shows every night of the festival, including a Vice late-night show on Friday that will feature the Black Lips (says a little bird). Brooklyn Vegan’s show is sharing acts with Stereogum’s for this band called Ponytail that someone predicted would be the indie darlings of right about now. (Yeah, toot toot.) Those same people are throwing a 13-act party on Tuesday with the indie darlings of 2009 (and yesterday’s favorites!). Get on it.

Also, don’t miss some of New York’s best homegrown label/booking agent showcases. The Social Registry’s is on Friday at Santos’ Party House and Panache’s is also on Friday at the Knitting Factory (gotta root for Aa whenever I get the chance). Paste has got one of those day show lounge things going, but it’s always hard to compete with the Fader (Levi’s) Fort, where Southern Comfort is flavored like Kool Aid and your every move is documented by giant cameras and underscored by your own paranoid sense that you’re gonna end up on the internet tomorrow picking your nose.


Lil Kim sued for $2 million for failing to fulfill contractual obligations with her label Brookland. She wanted Wyclef and Akon, they wanted her to record a song.

Madonna released a movie, threatened McCain’s mate and dumped her own.

MGMT landed back in New York in time for Prince’s loft shows and some quality time with the fam, and for frontman Andrew VanWyngarden to cover “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with Of Montreal during that whole horse-escapade. The band also released a video for “The Youth.”

DJ Kayslay put out a mixtape with Houston rappers Chamillionaire and Bun B.

Grizzly Bear will team with Final Fantasy and Brooklyn Philharmonic, though this is old hat for the Bears, who already tried out their chamber chops with the L.A. Philharmonic. No porn score with this one.

Ninjasonik may be one of the many earnest emcees often reduced to “hipster rap,” but he thinks you’re ignorant for swallowing that shit whole.

Brooklyn teenage math-punk phenoms Fiasco released Native Canadians, a 20-odd minute blast of instrumental fury. Seriously, I’m not partial on this one.

TV on the Radio played their first show in New York in a long while at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. People did not wear their dancing choose.

KRS-One tells you your raps don’t mean much if you’re rich.

The monkey regime propped up as the New York Dolls not only still exists, but has organized an early winter tour.

What does Moby live off of? Has anyone bought his albums since 1998? Is that all it took to spend a decade lapsing into a surprise-guest lifer with a guitar in hand, a beer-wrinkled T-shirt over his growing gut, and a smirk wrapped in an enigmatic grimace? Whatever, nice video.

Elvis Costello’s collaboration with Fall Out Boy: signaling the Depression, or just the Apocalypse?