WCBS: Student Bloggers Are Students and Are Blogging


WCBS covers something almost as hot as politics — bloggers! They go among the Hofstra students who were manning keyboards during last night’s debate. “What are you researching now?” WCBS’s Mary Calvi asks some kid. She says her professor suggested they look for “Joe Plumber” in Long Island, and her team found 427 of these. “Good to know in case we need a plumber!” says Calvi. She watches journalism students bang their keys, races to a girl, asks “What did you find about global warming?” She says she found something about climate change, but we’re out of time — on to a guy who says, “‘Innocent victims of greed’ — that’s what John McCain called the common American people.” How do you feel about that, guy? No time for that either, as Calvi races to poll the bloggerati about the big issue, which they think is jobs — “many people are concerned that after graduation there won’t be any.” For students, one wonders, or anyone? No time for that either — the question now is: will students go to the polls? Calvi says the youth vote could be crucial — but we’ve heard that before. What’s sure is that lots of kids are chattering online about the campaign, and that keeps them from taking drugs and stealing hubcaps. Democracy wins again!